Facial Treatment

Mu-lan Basic Care

Include basic cleansing and care. Mostly focus on extraction to keep pores cleans to prevent acnes and pimples. Maintain healthy and glowing skin.

HK$600 - HK$820

Dr. Spiller Facial Treatment

Originated in Siegsdorf where between of Switzerland and Germany. Dr. Spiller contains mineral extract from the purest water resources – Alps. Dr. Spiller can effectively moisturize skin cell and hypoallergenic. Dr. Spiller has wide range of face and body care product. All products are mild and contain natural ingredients and active substances which protect the natural structure of skin and meet different skin types need.

HK$920 - HK$2,680

Swiss Line Facial Treatment

Swiss Line, a pioneer in the field of cellular therapy, mission to formulate the most effective paramedical products and treatments.
Well knows as the extraordinary anti-aging technology of Swiss Line, all products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland accordance with the highest quality standards.
Understanding that everyone’s skin unique, the Swiss Line skincare treatments are designed to be customized and mainly classified as Cell Shock Lifting Treatment Hydrating & Revitalizing Treatment and Ultimate Radiance Collagen Treatment.

HK$920 - HK$2,980

Skincode Facial Treatment

Founded and produced in Switzerland, Skincode understands the needs of difference skin type and create Skincode Essentials and Skincode Exclusive.
CM-Glucan(patented) in Skincode Essentials works to promote cell renewal and to stimulate your skins defense mechanism.
High revitalizing powers of the organic Active Cellular Regenerating complex - ACR(patented) of Skincode Exclusive has a remarkable effect on the vital cell renewal process.
Skincode products are result-oriented and extracted from the natural ingredients with a minimum risk of skin irritation. Protecting and revitalizing your skin to prolonging the youthful radiance of skin.

HK$880 - HK$2,980

Professional Therapeutic Facial Treatment

Mu-lan SPA provides you wide range of professional treatments which hep with innovative beauty equipment. The professional treatments include skin tightening and rejuvenating, acnes recovery and other blemishes. The treatment result is remarkable and guaranteed.

HK$1,180 - HK$1,680

Eye / Neck Care

Specially designed for delicate eye surrounded skin and neck concentrated serum blend with skillful massage technique to penetrate nutrients into skin cell which help to firming and enhancing elasticity of skin to prevent aging.

HK$480 - HK$2,800